The sun didn’t shine, but we didn’t care.

It was simply a privilege just being there.

We were walking on sunshine. Higher than kites.

The night before; we had sleepless nights.

We strutted our stuff, as we seized the day.

The whistle blew, and we were on our way.

Ten minutes of glory for some aging wrecks.

We loved being there. It was better than sex.

Rob scored the first ( it was laid on a plate )

For him, not a good goal- it was totally great!

But we got one back, as Derek slid in.

One all and the crowd made a fabulous din.

So we did our Jimmy Bullard goal routine,

which made the crowd laugh; it made quite a scene.

But the game was drawing to its close,

and the whistle blew, as the North stand rose

and cheered us off, with smiles on our faces,

When the walking footballers went through their paces.

Will we do it again? Who knows? It’s not tough.

So, come and have a go, if you think you’re old enough!


David Osgerby