We’ve been at it for some time now,

And it’s coming along quite well.

We’re getting slicker. A little bit quicker,

And the teamwork’s beginning to gel.

We still grunt and groan in the warm up,

And the old legs continue to ache.

But improvement’s the name of the game now,

Some more practice is all it will take.

Dave B plays like an old veteran,

But Dave C is the cream of the crop.

Seven goals in one game back on Monday!

Tell me, where is he going to stop?

If Campbell and Hernandez don’t measure up,

He’ll probably get in the first team.

He’s our most improved Senior player,

And we hold him in highest esteem.

So, if it’s a Monday, and you’ve got nowt to do,

Why not come and give us a shout.

You’ll be entertained, you’ll probably laugh,

And you might want to play. Check us out.

So, salute David Cormack, our seven goal man.

He’s made of the sternest of stuff. And remember our

Motto if you possibly can.

Come and have a go if you think you’re old enough.

Dave Osgerby