This month’s meeting was back to normal after March’s full-day event. There was another great turnout of members.

Barbara opened the meeting with her announcements regarding upcoming outings and events. She was pleased to announce that the outing to the panto in December is full and it’s still only April. But she did say that if anyone else is interested then she will try to get a larger coach. The details regarding the outings and events will be sent out to members in the usual way.

She went on to talk about the Memorabilia Day on 6th June. It will be held in the Kingston Suite at the MKM Stadium and is looking for volunteers as stewards for the day. So, if anyone would like to help then they should contact her or any member of the Committee. Also, if anyone has any memorabilia items, they wish to show on the day then they should contact either Barbara or Tony.

Barbara asked for even more volunteers this time to help clean football boots for the Tigers Trust Boot Room Project. If anyone is interested then they should contact Rob.

Lastly, Barbara was pleased to let the members know that Stepping Stones is over the moon with items of furniture and household goods that some of our members have donated to them.

To finish off her slot Barbara had a bit of fun with the members. She had us singing ‘Give us a T, Give us an I, Give us a G, Gives an E, Give us an R, Gives an S, what have we got TIGERS. She made us repeat it a few times and said we were going to sing it at our May meal. What a Hoot!

Before our guest speaker arrived, Pete Wilson took to the floor to announce that he had arranged with the Secret Garden Café, Jameson Street, Hull for our members to receive a 20% discount there on the production of our Senior Tigers membership cards. Well, done Pete.

Sadly though, Pete asked for help with getting raffle prizes and if no one volunteers to help him then he will have to give up the job which he enjoys doing. He told us that he has exhausted the areas of Hull that he can cover to get prize donations and is hoping that someone will come forward who can cover the surrounding areas of Hull such as Beverley, Hedon, Cottingham or even the wider area of East Yorkshire.

Our guest speaker this month was City’s former captain, Garreth Roberts. Garreth’s first words were “I didn’t expect this many people”. Richard started the interview by jokingly saying that he usually sees Garreth at the Spire Hospital, that’s because Garreth has been in there quite a few times with joint replacements which have all been down to sport. The only sport he now plays is golf and that’s with a golf buggy.

Garreth is a local lad and was only ever a one-team player. He made his debut at 18 and never looked back becoming captain at an early age. Once he was captain, he continued to hold on to it when there were others in the team who were older than him.

Garreth first went to watch the Tigers play at Boothferry Park at the age of 8 with his parents who were die-hard supporters of the club. When he walked up the steps and saw the pitch,  he thought wow I want to play here. He went for trials at Leeds at the age of 15 but as his parents supported Hull, he was only ever going to play for them. It was when he went to training after school with a few mates that he was spotted by Hull City and ended up playing for City Minors, City Juniors and as an apprentice under Chillo. Chris Chilton was a great coach and role model to him. He said how lucky he was to be an apprentice at that time. He told us that as an apprentice you had to clean the changing rooms and the player’s boots. Once he was locked in the boot room for 3 hours by the other apprentices. The apprentices even had to clean the stands. He remembers cleaning Bunkers Hill in the morning and training in the afternoon. They each had a brush and would have to sweep clean the stands. Garreth said he loved it. Can you imagine today’s players doing that?

Garreth said they played some great football when in front of a packed home crowd however some players would get scared and feel under pressure. He loved it because it meant being a Hull lad all his family would be there supporting him.

His last game was at Charlton when he damaged his knee. He had had a cartilage removed 7 years earlier and the damage to his knee forced him to retire at 30. He had some fantastic times playing for Hull City and keeps in touch with a lot of the players he played with.

To finish the interview Garreth told us a story about when he was playing at Upton Park. He was taking a corner and because of his small stature, an away fan started singing ‘Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho’ which made us all laugh.

On behalf of the members, Pat thanked Garreth for coming and that he had brought back brilliant memories to many who were here this afternoon and who had supported the Tigers for 60/70 years.

Garreth very kindly made the draw for our raffle which raised £318.00.

Before we all left, Barbara asked if anyone had any Hull City books that they did not want. She would like to have a bookstall at the Memorabilia Day for unwanted books which can be purchased by donating. The money raised will be given to the Tigers Trust. Any books not sold will be given to local schools by the Tigers Trust.

Another interesting and enjoyable afternoon.

We all wish the lady who was taken ill during the meeting, a speedy recovery.

Shirley Cormack

Richard Beachell interviewing Garreth Roberts                  Another large audience to listen to Garreth     


A vote of thanks to Garreth from Pat Ellis                                      Richard and Garreth

Garreth and Allen Bagshawe