The 2023/24 football season is over and time for our end-of-season meal which was held on Thursday 2nd May. A great number of our members together with our guests sat down to a two-course lunch held in the Kingston Suite at the MKM Stadium.

During the afternoon Allen announced that the winner of our Player of the Season was Lewie Coyle. We hope to invite Lewie to one of our meetings so that we can present him with the trophy.

Following the meal Tony held a memorabilia quiz. If we had read and digested Tony’s memorabilia articles in the monthly Newsletters we would have known the answers. Unfortunately, it would seem to be not the case as the scores were not very good. But we had fun all the same.

We were delighted once again to welcome Tommy Coyle as our guest speaker. The last time he came he entertained us with his colourful stories and he didn’t disappoint this time. Tommy is certainly a very entertaining character. He brought us up to date with his health and well-being projects within the local community.

Tommy had been up at 3.30 am the morning of our lunch and on the road to Sheffield to collect fruit and vegetables for the family stall. He is still involved with the family business and they are keeping the business going in memory of their father who started the fruit and vegetable business.

Tommy talked about his Rumble in the Humber fight with Luke Campbell and his last ever fight at Madison Square Gardens which he said was amazing. He said how surreal it was to stand in the footsteps of Mohammed Ali. This fight finished his boxing career after sustaining double vision. Tommy went on to say how boxing had been a vehicle for him to do good in the community.

We were pleased to hear that Tommy follows his brother Lewie’s football career and how he sits in the stands with the fans. It was a proud moment when Lewie and their younger brother Rocco were in the team together.

Pat thanked Tommy for joining us again and she said how every time she sees him he makes her laugh.

To finish the afternoon off Tommy made the draw for the raffle which raised £658. A big thank you must go to Acklam Coach Holidays for their raffle donation of £100 towards a coach holiday and a big thank you to Tommy who donated £40 to the raffle funds raised.

Everyone went home happy and looking forward to the final day of the Championship season. Whatever the outcome we will all meet up again next season.

Shirley Cormack