There is a sport for older folk. Walking football is its name.

It’s a passion for all of us who still yearn to play the game.

It makes us feel nineteen again, and where’s the harm in that?

It even helps to keep you fit, and burns off excess fat.

We meet each Monday, put on our kit, and shed maybe forty years.

We go back to our younger days, reliving our souvenirs

of long past times when we were young, and we could really play,

And now we do, (but slower though), not quite like yesterday.

We pass the ball about, we laugh, and sometimes we will fall,

but usually we bounce back up, and chase that bouncing ball.

And in going back, we learn a lot. How good it is to play.

We don’t know how long our season lasts, or when’s that final day,

But while we can, we’ll walk quite fast and chase that bouncing ball,

and laugh and joke, and just have fun. That’s why we play. That’s all.

By David Osgerby