This report covers our fourth year and the inaugural year at the K.C.

The move from Boothferry Park to the K.C. was traumatic to say the least, but very quickly everyone seems to have settled to life at our new home.

Because of the move, we were not able to arrange a meeting in January, but we got off to a good start in February when we welcomed. Stan McEwan as our first guest speaker to be followed in March by Chris Chilton(Part 1). To compensate for the loss of January, a lunch and stadium tour was held in March which proved very successful. Another Tigers favourite, John Hawley, addressed the April meeting whilst the then physio Mick Mathews spoke in May. After our summer break, we restarted with a visit from Shaun McCrae, who spoke about his Rugby League career. Then it was Chris Chilton(Part 2) in October and Chris Simpkin in November before it was time for Christmas lunch again. With Adam Pearson and Peter and Jenny Taylor as our guests, we had an enjoyable meal with a good attendance of members and their guests.

With the move to the K.C., the committee increased the members subscriptions to £7 for 2003, which will remain the same for 2004, and the extra revenue, improved takings from the raffle and the generously donated prizes, enabled us to increase our sponsorship. We have sponsored the kit of Damien Delaney, Paul Musselwhite, Justin Whittle and Ryan Williams to the tune of £350 and the Hull City Girls teams waterproof tops for £250. We were also able to provide the wine on the tables at the Christmas lunch. As usual Alan, our Treasurer, has produced a Balance Sheet which shows how we spent the funds, and he will be pleased to answer any questions.

To conclude, I must thank the following:-

  1. Adam Pearson for his assistance with the facilities here at the K.C.
  2. Adrian Hunter and James Wood of F.M.C. for help with arranging the meeting rooms and particularly with the lunch arrangements to meet our financial demands.
  3. Our guest speakers who have been more than helpful in agreeing to come to the meetings and giving us an insight into their careers.
  4. Martyn Hainstock (P.A. announcer)for regular announcements of our events and Rob Smith for our regular notes in the match programmes.
  5. To you the members who have attended our meetings so regularly, with average attendances over 80 and a current membership of ••••••
  6. Finally, my thanks to all members of the Committee for their willing help at all times.


Here’s to what we hope will be the conclusion of a successful season.


GORDON TOWSE (Chairman) January 2004