This report covers the third year of our existence and the final season at our Boothferry Park home.

The first meeting of the year had Dave Moore, the then Assistant Manager as our speaker giving details of his career. In February, John Cooper spoke on the new stadium whilst John Holmes gave members the views of the Commercial department. Ex-player, Manager and Secretary, Tom Wilson was the speaker to a very good audience in March. April was outing time with a visit to the Senior Blades of Sheffield United and the opportunity to enjoy a meal with them as well as attending their meeting. Hopefully, we will be able to return the compliment to them now we are at the K.C. stadium, although not at £6 for a three course lunch!

We resumed in September with Paul Haggath of the stadium consultants, Drivas Jonas, outlining the plans for the K.C. stadium. Popular ex- player, Garreth Roberts entertained a large audience in October, before James Wood and Adrian Hunter of S.M.C provided details of the corporate entertainment facilities in the K.C. stadium in November. Our final get together of the year was our Christmas lunch in the Business Club with Adam Pearson and Peter and Jenny Taylor as our guests. This well attended lunch saw the end of the Senior Tigers at Boothferry Park. The committee would like to thank the management of the club for the free use of the Tigers club as our meeting place since our inception.

The committee also assisted the Club with our very successful stall at the final Open Day at Boothferry Park in August.

The year has seen average attendances of around 70 members, which has been good. Once again income from subscriptions and raffle proceeds have provided the means to sponsor kit for Justin Whittle and Laurie Dudfield and to subsidise the Christmas lunch and the visit to Sheffield. Alan, our Treasurer, has produced a Balance Sheet which shows how we have spent the funds and he will be pleased to answer any questions. Due to the move to the K.C. stadium, we were unable to arrange a meeting in January, but we have now fitted in a lunch and stadium tour here at the K.C. stadium, the date has had to be revised – it will now be Tuesday March 25th, 12noon for 12.30p.m. More details later. Once again I can say the Senior Tigers have continued to flourish and we have made many new friendships. Finally, my thanks to all members of the Committee for their willing help during the year.


GORDON TOWSE (Chairman) January 2003