Away at Wolves Supporting the Tigers for the last 55 years has  thrown up lots of heartaches and laughter. I remember in the 90’s going to an away game at Wolves It was a bit special to me as one of my school pals years ago played centre forward for them, Roy Swinbourne.   As usual our tigers travel coach was full of mostly 65 yr old and over.

Upon arrival at a car park near to the ground our coach much to our surprise was surrounded by about fifteen or more police officers.We were lined up into 2’s in the car park and marched in line across a dual carriageway, stopping all the traffic, much to the amusement of drivers who had been held up to watch the procession. Much to the amazement of the officers we all held hands some of us who shall remain nameless hitched up our trousers to look like schoolboys and actually skipped, YES SKIPPED, across the 2 carriageways some of the drivers shouting to us “smile your on candid camera”. We were at that time the only Tigers supporters in sight. Then to cap it all the stewards at the turnstiles searched us all including removing our head gear, what they were looking for I do not know. At this stage a ‘wag’ at the rear of the procession shouted “Bill why is that nit nurse dressed up as a steward?”. That made us very popular, the same stewards had the last laugh when confiscating all the bottle tops off our drinks, which was the norm in those days.

Was any of our members on that particular trip ?

Bill Shirley.