Having been a follower of Hull City from my early years since my dad had taken me along with two brothers to the matches at Boothferry Park and since then having moved to live at Hessle in 1966, I decided to start going to both the home and away matches.

The first away one that I can recall was an evening match at Bramall Lane against Sheffield United in 1971 and what a night it was.

My friends and I were standing as you did in those days mixed among all the other supporters from both teams. After kicking off the match got going and before too long things got a bit out of hand. It started to get heated and rough among the two teams on the pitch until the referee had to call a halt to the game. He got the players together and told them all to calm things down. As you can imagine we as Hull City supporters being among the majority of Sheffield supporters had started to get worried, but the referee managed to quieten things down and once again the players got back to playing football, while we all breathed a sigh of relief and began to share banter with those around us and laugh and joke about what had gone on, with everyone being quite friendly. The rest of the game continued and we all came home happy that our team had won, but for a while, it had been a bit scary.

Being a third-generation supporter of Hull City following in the footsteps of my grandad and father and how proud and happy I was when we made it to the Premiership, something they were not lucky enough to see.