It feels like a bereavement;

Yes, Stevie Bruce has gone.

The heart has gone from our club.

Now we must soldier on.

Four years to make a legend.

We’re going to miss you, Steve.

I read the news with disbelief.

Did you really have to leave?

Twice you worked your miracles and took the Tigers up.

Then came that day at Wembley, when we nearly won the Cup.

But it’s Steve the man we’re going to miss for his honesty and grace,

He told the truth, he backed his team. How can anyone take his place?

He took us into Europe, we Tigers were so proud,

And when you sing Steve Bruce’s name, be sure to sing it loud.

The finest boss we’ve ever had, he reputation is secure,

Steve Bruce we’ll miss you, we thank you, your legend will endure.



David Osgerby