My Dad used to take me to reserve games at first – always enjoyed the half time crisps – this would be around 1950.

My first experience of the first team, also with my dad, was around the 1952/53 season. Can’t recall the actual game but I think it was Blackburn (remember the Blue and White shirts), was a big crowd as well and we won.

Started going on my own and with mates around 55/56 when I was 11 (something you can’t do now). Have stood or sat in all areas of the Arc and have lots of fond memories (I mislay the bad memories and can’t remember where I put them).

Had my first season pass when I was 16 (A standing pass) and then a seat pass in the best stand at 21 (with my Dad and best friend)

Love the KCOM for the amenities and comfort, but mainly for the success we have had there. So totting up have been a Tiger fan for around 60 years and a pass holder for 50+ years. Despite all the recent negatives, still loving it.

Hope I have now earned my stripes.


Richard Bays – 4th August 2016