June 2022

Having passed Durham so many times on the A1 and never been – I was asked by a member if it was a possibility to include in one of our outings – so I decided I’d check it out, and it would give me a chance to visit.

A full 49-seater coach of Senior Tigers enjoyed the day – left to their own devices to explore the wonders of this City – and visit the beautiful cathedral.

We all met up at 3 pm to have a boat ride (exclusive to us) along the River Wear.  It was a wonderful sunny day, with lots of students and visitors trying their luck in canoes, and many sunbathing on the riverbanks waving to us.

The boat had a bar with waiter service, warm enough to all sit on the deck, so it was a lovely relaxing end to a perfect day – and the ideal way of rounding everyone up.

On the river cruise