The first of our season’s outings was to Whitby, on September 15th.

It was a chance to visit this wonderful coastal town, with all its

amazing folklore, traditions and history, – at leisure; everyone doing their

own tour.  Some took to the open-top bus to hear the commentary and learn

things we didn’t know before we arrived.  Mine was that “black jet” came from

fossilized decaying wood from the monkey puzzle tree!

Others went for a walk, some shopping and nearly everyone chose their

favourite food for lunch – mostly fish and chips!

In the afternoon we went to Scarborough Spa, for tea and cream scones.

It was a lovely bright sunny day, and Nicola was our super driver, who had

to put up with 55 of us.

         Whitby                                                                                       Whitby



     Scarborough Spa                                            Scarborough Spa