My love for football started up

With England’s ’66 world cup

A young girl, expectations high,

I thought I’d give my team a try,

So I knitted a scarf and for a lark,

Went with my mates to Boothferry Park.

And that was it – I loved it all!

The thrill of the Tigers’ match day call.

Through thick and thin I’ve followed my team

Wept the tears, dreamed the dream.

Managers have come and gone

But fans and players carry on.


We saw three teams win promotion

Led by Ashbee’s tough devotion.

But I never thought I’d see the day

I’d walk with pride down Wembley Way.

So glad to be amongst that crowd

To cheer when Deano did us proud!

And last year’s team’s determination

With Captain Dawson’s motivation

Gained us the Premiership again;

This time to stay we hoped- in vain?


Good times are sadly in the past

The spirit’s gone – it couldn’t last.

No atmosphere, no Tiger Bright,

No buzz before a cup match night.

All we have before the game starts

Are empty seats and heavy hearts.

We’re scattered now from where we sat

The membership’s put paid to that.

We’ve moved stands after so long;

Don’t really feel that I belong.

Staunch City fan for fifty years;

I’m left with memories and tears.


We sit and mouth a silent song,

Ask, ‘Where did it all go wrong?’

The answer’s clear and known to all;

The fans’ backs are against the wall.

We know what’s wrong and what we lack.

Money for players, concessions back,

Renew our badge, restore our name

Bring the pride back to our game!

Owners who care, a new beginning,

All these things and we’ll be singing!

Ours IS to reason why-

For we are CITY ’til we die!


Nora (Nodge) Jones