Welcome to a new season. On 3rd August the Senior Tigers gathered in the 1904 Lounge at the KCOM Stadium for their Annual General Meeting. About 100 members were present and once the business was over and refreshments had been enjoyed, our Chairman David called us together.

David began the open meeting began with one or two notices and in particular the details of our September meeting. This will be held on Thursday, 7th September and in the Circle Restaurant (the upstairs room overlooking the pitch). The reason for the change of venue is that the football club has very kindly offered, once again, to provide members with a free buffet luncheon. This is extremely kind of them and we so much appreciate it. The Circle Restaurant will better offer them the space to make this provision. Members were reminded that the lunch will be served from 1.00 pm and you are asked to bring your Membership card with you. Following lunch, we are delighted that former Tiger, Andy Saville, will be our guest speaker.

Now our guest speaker needed no introduction – it was the Legend himself, Dean Windass. He had been offered as a replacement speaker by the football club in the light of their announcement that match day commentaries would now be offered by Viking 2. We had presumed that ‘Deano’ was to be a part of the commentary team but he was very quick to make it clear that he had nothing to do with this new arrangement and that he would continue with his usual duties as Match Day Host. He commented how proud he was to be appointed the Club’s Ambassador and loves the opportunities to take the club into many areas of city life – especially to our schools. He is also responsible for making the arrangements to bring former players to meet our hospitality guests on match days.

He was asked how he thought the new manager had settled into the club. Deano mentioned that he first met him at the Kit Launch and immediately warmed to him – possibly because Leonid Slutsky knew exactly who Deano was! He certainly found a warmth in the new Head Coach and found him very laid back. Deano would later describe the new Manager as “Crackers!” This was said, however, with respect as he found him a refreshingly warm and open man, such a contrast to the sullenness of his predecessor.

Deano was asked what he thought about the return of Fraizer Campbell to the club. He appreciated that returning to a former club sometimes throws up difficulties but in his own return things had worked out perfectly. He had every reason to hope they would for Fraizer – after all, he had been the one to cross the ball that led to Deano’s wonder Wembley goal!

He was asked about the new season crackdown on diving. He was happy with the idea as it clearly was a response to a problem in the game, but he warned that it will only be successful if it comes with consistency from the referees.

Asked about the crop of young lads breaking through he saw great promise in Jarred Bowen and saw a possible big season ahead for him. He hoped that Greg Luer would have better luck this season without being dogged again by injury.

He was asked what he thought about the massive transfer fee for Neymar. His first response was “Jammie Bas…d” but then wished him good luck, stressing it was not his fault that so much had been paid for and to him. He mentioned that this is reflected in the constant raising of fees, especially at the top levels. He even mentioned that his son Josh now has a £3m clause in his Rangers contract. He shared how well things were going for him at the resurgent Rangers and that they recently took 13,000 to a friendly with Sheffield Wednesday. There is, however, an increasing disconnect between players and fans caused by the spiraling wages being offered. Deano, who has always stayed firmly connected was saddened by this growing trend in the game.

He expressed some regret that at the recent Club Open Day players had rationed their time among the fans and especially the children. Most had excused themselves long before the queues of signature hunters had gone. He could never condone that and regretted it had happened.

Deano was thrilled with the progress of the England Women’s team in the Euro Finals and offered them his congratulations.

Finally, he was asked what his pet hates were. He suggested two …

–          Being called by your surname

–          Being winked at!

So, with a wink, we all thanked him for coming. Don’t we love our Deano – wink, wink!

Before closing the meeting the Chair invited two successful members of the Senior Tigers Walking Football to receive trophies from Deano. David Cormack, for scoring 7 goals in a recent match and David Beal who gave a brilliant display as goalkeeper and still managed to score a hatrick!

To close the meeting our resident Poet, David Osgerby, read his latest offering dedicated to the Walking Footballers. Brilliant and well received.

Allen Bagshawe


David Cormack and David Beel collecting their tropheys from Deano