55 of our members arrived at Bramall Lane to a very warm welcome.

We were the guests of the Senior Blades, a group that began well back in the 80s and thrives with a membership of over 500.

We were given a tour of the Stadium by the former England, Leeds and Sheffield midfielder Tony Currie. Long gone was the long blonde hair, but his devotion to the Blades has lasted for many years, and he is now working with their community projects in the area.

We were shown their museum, which they are very proud of, changing rooms and had the chance to sit in the directors’ box.

We sat down, with 250 of their members, and enjoyed a three course lunch.

The Chairman of the Senior Blades introduced us, and had some friendly banter about Hull City’s past and present.

We were then entertained by the unique talent of Yorkshire comedian/magician Billy Flywheel. He had us laughing from the very beginning and included some of our group in his act.

Allen Bagshawe, having been brought up in Sheffield and encouraged to be a Blades supporter from childhood, gave a very sincere vote of thanks on our behalf.