Our first outing of the year was kept local. On 19th January we had an outing to Hull’s Museum Quarter. Many of us do not go into the city centre let alone the old town, so this was an opportunity to see how the museum quarter has been improved.

Once we had all met up, we split into two groups. One group went around the Streetlife Museum of Transport and the other the Hull & East Riding Museum after which we changed over. One of the highlights of the Streetlife Museum was the experience of a carriage ride to take in the sounds of a bygone era. Unfortunately, we were unable to visit the Wilberforce Museum as it is closed at the moment.

Following our museum visits we enjoyed a buffet lunch at the Sailmakers Arms down High Street. There was rather a lot of food on offer, so we were all given ‘doggy bags’ to take food home.

After our lunch, Allen had arranged for a guided tour of Hull Minster, where we could see the stonemasons at work.

It was an enjoyable day out and local to home.

Streetlife Museum