Ollie Ezard of the Tigers Trust kindly arranged a tournament which took place on Monday 10th April at our usual Airco Arena venue.

The idea was to include a number of walking football teams from Hull and a little further afield.

Sadly not all the In the invited teams were able to attend despite their initial interest. In the event we were grateful to Hull Pace Makers who, along with their Hull City hosts, provided two teams each and ensured a successful day.

Hull Pace Makers have been playing Walking Football for somewhat longer than Hull City and their superiority was evident from the start. They had divided their squad into an A team and a B team with the more skilful players in the A team. Hull City meanwhile had adopted a more laid back approach with their squad randomly distributed over their two teams (imaginatively named as Amber and Black) and including two players who joined us only the week before!

The tournament involved a double round robin format where each team played each other team twice. Not surprisingly the Hull Pace Makers A team were victorious and remained unbeaten throughout the tournament but the Hull City Black team ran them close with Hull City Amber team third and Hull Pacemakers B team finishing fourth.

Highlights included a certain referee forgetting to make a note of the score in one of the matches and the Goal of the Tournament – being a spectacular ‘rocket shot’ of an own goal by the victorious Hull Pace Makers A team proving that even they can get things wrong at times!

Everyone was a winner in the end and we even got to enjoy a slice of cake with the usual post-match cuppa!

Thanks to Ollie for arranging, to our guests the Hull Pace Makers club and to our wonderful band of supporters in the gallery.

Trevor Richardson