The Memorabilia Story

In 2017 the Senior Tigers were allowed to use photographs from the Hull Daily Mail archives and introduced the “Hull City Gallery” to their website. At the same time, discussions with members and fans regarding the lack of a museum at the KCOM stadium resulted in the idea of an “Online Museum”.  To gauge the interest an event was planned at which members could bring along their memorabilia to form an exhibition.

In February 2018, 57 people including the football club and some keen collectors known to members displayed their items. In addition, KCOM heard about the exhibition and sent a film crew, the results of which can be seen in this short video – © KCOM.

There was also a feeling that many valuable items were being lost as supporters passed away, lost interest or simply forgot where they had stored their collections. With the number of interesting items shown and the amount of interest it generated it was decided that the best way forward was to preserve as many images of the items as possible and so the “Hull City Memorabilia” section was born to run alongside the Gallery. This way at least an image would be preserved of the various items that are held by fans and it would contribute towards recording the club’s heritage and history.  David Bond author and former HDM reporter for Hull City, commented, “you have created a monster”.

Time has moved on and we have been given access to many more interesting items, souvenirs, statistics, reserve game details, team pictures from every year since 1904, programmes and associated match information, picture cards, newspaper cuttings, action photographs, shirts, trophies, etc.  It’s taken 4 years of endeavour by a small team who have given many hours of their time, shown patience, ingenuity, skill and commitment to get to a point where we think we have produced something special. We also have formed collaborations with and and have exchanged items, technical knowledge and a love of Hull City. You can directly link to their fine collections and information from our site.

We have an aim of not only preserving the Tigers heritage, providing information and recalling memories but hope the site can be of use to organisations such as The Tigers Trust in their quest to help sufferers of Alzheimer’s, dementia and loneliness.

We are not at the end of our work as we have many more items still to upload and this will be done as each month passes. So please keep visiting the site to see more about the Tigers’ heritage. Plus, we hope you the fans may have interesting items to contribute, if so, please get in touch. Lastly, we hope you enjoy your visits to our website and it brings back memories, information and joy as you recall great times in following the Tigers.

Here is our launch and promotion video for the new Senior Tigers website and Memorabilia Gallery – © KCOM.

We are grateful to KCOM for creating and providing the video material used on this page.