On 19th October, 47 members were on this outing, and it was quite a challenge for some, although others who were worried about it, were really glad that they had confronted their fears!!!

We set off to Wakefield town centre – somewhere I have never been before. We had free time to get coffees and lunch and most of us went to visit the beautiful cathedral – which I honestly did not know existed.

We then went on to the Mining Museum.  Here we were divided into 3 groups to go down into the mine.  What an experience!  15 at a time going 140 meters down (I compared this to the 100 yard tracks that I used to run on).  BUT once down there – we were well looked after by the guides who were showing us round. Did we appreciate our coal fires – perhaps not – but the museum and the artifacts on display made us think.

Some of the tours were in excess of 2 hours but I didn’t hear anyone say that it was too long.