Remembering my early days watching Hull City at Boothferry Park, when as a lad you waited for the toss up to find out which way the Tigers were kicking. If you wanted to watch the team attacking you raced around the ground to get behind the opposition’s goal.Then at half time you raced round to the other end.

At half time you waited for the half time results to be shown on the ABC boards that were diagonally opposite, each along the East and West stands. You had to look at your programme to see which teams ABC represented. No such thing as anyone announcing the results.

Going to one of the wooden tea huts to get a steaming drink of Bovril most welcoming on a cold Saturday afternoon.

Standing on Bunkers Hill in the teaming rain, in winter stamping your feet to try and get some heat or circulation back into them.

Can you remember how much it was to transfer into the Well back in 1955/60?

For those not familiar the Well was the standing area below the West Stand either side of where the players came onto the pitch.

I remember one particular afternoon waiting for the bus opposite the Red Lion in Anlaby ( I was waiting for my mate Allan Nicholson who was on the bus from Swanland) when this red sports car pulled up asked if I was going to the match and did I want a lift. I couldn’t believe that Waggy had just offered to take me to the game. My reply would you believe was “thanks for the offer but I am waiting for my mate”. When I got on the bus and told Allan, he called me a bloody fool and went on to say if the roles had been reversed he would have gone with Waggy (some mate). I can also recall Mr Kirk, the Chairman of Haltemprice Supporters Club, walking around the pitch before kick off with a Tiger under his arm showing it to the crowd then placing it on the centre spot. When he pulled the Tigers tail it would give out a roar.

Do you remember the hundreds of bicycles left in a huge heap on the North stand car park during the game, no one lost their bikes and everyone seemed to find their own without much difficulty after the game.

That’s all for now


Dave Jackson